What came first
me or the world?
Mum and Dad told me I was born
in the summer of the 90’s
but I have no recollection of it.
In biology class they say
one day I’ll die
hopefully in my 90’s
but I’ll have no recollection of it.

We spend most of our time
as selves in the world
looking for pleasure in objects,
but when I look hard
I see the world in my Self
and bliss lived as a free Subject.

The body is sensation,
the mind the next thought,
I look back on my achievements,
and see that they’re not possessions, but expressions,
of the love of the life that is in me.

When younger and immature,
I found solace in science,
and reductions and equations,
but now I see that knowledge is slippery.
You have to let her fly away like a bird.
Her destiny is not the cage of the mind,
so these days I find beauty in art
words beating in my broken heart
humming and singing
as though they didn’t care.