The cure for insecurity in relationships is to realize there just is nowhere to hang your hat: the moment you stop to say “I know you” and “you know me,” you’ve stopped trying to understand; you’re following their shadow, not the fresh now–you’ve closed to eyes to the beauty of the surprise that this person might deliver you in the next precious moment of the life you spend with them. You have to keep your eyes and heart open to this.
Your partner is not your hostage; they are free from you, and you are free from them, for freedom knows no conditions, no “if’s” and “then’s.”
Every day I stand in joyous gratitude of the surprises that my other half might offer me; thank God they don’t behave the way I would like them to sometimes… Thank God for this insecurity, thank God for the terrifying beauty of it all. Thank God people live and breathe outside the boxes I try to put them in.
Isn’t it beautiful?