There are certain days,
The veil separating us seems thinner.
Joy comes out to play,
I no longer feel like a sinner.

There are certain days,
When a bird singing in a tree,
lights up my whole morning,
and fills the winter days with glee.

There are certain days,
where worldly things don’t phase me,
God’s smile shines bright,
and all my actions praise Him.

But there are certain days,
when the minutes crawl like snails,
and all those happy times
seem like crazy fairytales.

And there are certain days,
when the dark thoughts floating by,
drown me in melancholy,
like a splinter in my eye.

But through all life’s great trials,
if there’s one thing that I’ve learnt,
it’s that freedom can’t be earned,
and I can’t forget to smile.

For when the clouds are full of rain,
and I’m overwhelmed with pain,
You wash away what’s hateful,
And remind me to be grateful.

So there are certain days,
when You feel far away,
but I wouldn’t change one second.
So thank You for today.