I’ve wasted so much of what was freely given
each moment from now on I hope to redeem this
hours wasted searching eternal bliss
not happy with earth, in search of heaven.
To my younger self, please accept this note
I beg your forgiveness, for I pardon your sins
I never meant a word I wrote
‘could never see that each day begins
afresh and cleansed of yesterday’s rain
there’s no need to carry this heavy pain.
Sadness was like a uniform
I wore to which my life conformed
when you see things through that lens
no matter how you try to cleanse it
the mind waits with another trick.
But when you see its game is sick,
you’ll realize there’s no need to fight,
that love will lift you when you’re down,
there’s bliss to be found in every frown,
for honest pain reveals the light.
What makes things different, now from then?
Despite my efforts with this pen
words can’t penetrate the sorrow
of living for yesterday and tomorrow
I can finally say that now’s enough
although living’s sometimes tough
I wouldn’t change a single second
for how could I? … Life beckons!