Life’s full of strange paradoxes:
when you don’t feel like working, you need it most
when you do, you likely need to put down the pen.
Don’t abolish this mystery
for deep within
is one of life’s many meanings!

But for what shall we toil in life?
Have you found
that which merits
blood sweat and tears
fears and near-misses?

Nietzsche said
Give man a why
and he’ll bear the how.
I finally get what he meant,
but even his rule must be bent:
for the loving is in the doing
the proof is in the pudding
there’s something to be said
for simply moving one’s rear end
in the absence of how’s or why’s.

Life is never static
or so suggests our respiration
that maintains a certain rhythm
in times of desperation
or sat alone in one’s attic.

Now I pay more attention
to each word and deed
aware of tempting iPhones
and an endless Facebook feed.
For I must use this energy,
and this endless love in me
and treat moments of attention
as precious seeds that I must scatter
over the fields of life that matter.